For Laughs: Who said growing up is lame??

Who said growing up is lame?

I don’t know who said that, but that’s exactly what I think. For me growing up means getting older…and getting older means your life is getting closer to its end. Weird mentality, I know, but growing older terrifies me. For some reason growing up does not seem like a fun prospect at all.  Even though I’m surrounded by plenty awesome “older” people, who are living it up, I can’t seem to shake this feeling.

I’ve been interning over June recess and I got to work with some pretty cool “older” people! At work a few days ago I sat outside on the stairs with some colleagues (I was the youngest), soaking up the hot sun at lunchtime like school kids at break. The oldest lady amongst us jumped up and said, “Let’s take a picture!” We all laughed for a moment since it would be expected that I would be the one jumping up for such opportunities (#instamoment). But she was serious so we all huddled up and put on our best smiles.

Once we had taken the picture she asked me to help her share it on Facebook. I gladly assisted and asked her what she’d like the caption to be. She smiled at me and said, “I don’t know…how about…chilling with my peeps at lunchtime?” I choked back the laughter with a smile and did as requested.

This moment was super special because this lady is significantly older than me. I honestly did not expect “peeps” to be in her vocabulary! I walked away feeling amused and thinking – maybe growing up isn’t so lame after all. Just Maybe.


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