About Love: Moving on…

Whether you’re 16, 21, 40 or 70, matters of the heart remain the same. They excite us they same, they give us butterflies the same and they certainly hurt the same. Getting over someone who meant the world to you can be torturous. This is a little something I wrote about it…

Stuck in love

I’m still standing here with my arms outstretched and my heart on my sleeve as I scream your name.
Lord knows I shouldn’t be here but my heart refuses to turn its back on the feeling of what’s left of you on these fingertips.
I have tried so many times to walk away but my feet are anchored in the dust of what used to be.
My knees fall weak at the thought of your touch and I am STUCK!
I am stuck here with nothing – nothing but the echoes of my love for you.
Around me all I see are the remnants of memories scattered like paper in the wind…and I am alone!
There is nothing here…but I cannot move!!
My heart can’t seem to fathom the message from my brain to let go move on and be free.
I am a prisoner to my own emotions: chained to a past I cannot forget, captivated by a present I cannot live and victim to a future I cannot accept.
Proverbs 4:23 says: above all else guard the affections of your heart because the emotional attachments you make determine the course of your life.
Well, I guess then that it’s too late for me because my being is tangled up in your existence.
I am stuck in this timeless state all because you’re not here…desolate dreams of what was, is all there is.
As time ticks on and I wither away…still my heart pumps crimson love letters through my veins; and I breathe you…
“I breathe you into my soul and pray for the strength to stand today”.
I pray for the strength let go of that part of me that’s stuck in love with you.

– Mamello Maitse