What’s your next milestone?

Navigating the course of my life for the past couple of years has been pretty easy. All my goals have been school related you know? It’s all been about getting good grades, qualifying for the next grade, passing matric, getting to university and qualifying for Honours. I mean even with sports and other extra mural activities school has been my platform. But now with three months left at university I’m faced with a whole new world of possibilities and decisions and it’s rather overwhelming. The journey doesn’t end when you graduate, it’s only the beginning!

Now that I’m passed navigating my education, I need to set out the course of my career; and this is a whole new ball game. I need to figure out where I want to work, who I want to work for, do I want to start my own business, how long do I want to stay in the marketing field and do I want to study further at some point? While considering work I need to start thinking about whether or not I want to get married and have kids (which I do), and what that means for my career. I’m still far away from getting married but I need to start thinking about that now. Every little decision I make today affects my tomorrow.

The formula for succeeding in school is pretty straightforward: Work hard and put in the hours, attend your classes, do your assignments and all that fuss and you will be A-okay. But the formula for succeeding after varsity isn’t so clear cut anymore, there are so many factors to consider and so many other people influencing the process. But after meeting some pretty inspiring people this year I know that one thing remains the same…you have to work for it! You can’t just sit around reacting to whatever life throws at you…then you’re just a drifter with no real purpose or direction. You have to know what YOU want so when life throws you a curveball you still get to your destination. Whether that destination is greatness, success, failure or mediocrity it’s all up to you.

So think about it long and hard, what’s your next milestone?

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