Dust yourself off!!

The hardest part about falling as you journey through life is not necessarily the standing back up, but rather dusting yourself off. When we fail and make mistakes it’s sometimes so hard to let go of those feelings of defeat or to simply forgive ourselves when we need to.

Mistakes and failures are supposed to be our stepping stones to something greater, but that won’t happen if we’re carrying that baggage on our backs. If every time we fall we don’t dust ourselves off the dirt accumulates and it becomes tremendously difficult to move on. This is something I’ve come to learn this year as I prepare to enter the world of work and build my career. Everything won’t always be perfect, I won’t always get things right the first time, and I won’t always be the best at everything, and you know what? That’s OKAY.  As long as I can get back up and dust myself off, things will get better with the next try and one after that and the one that.

Life is too precious to dwell on the mistakes and failures of the past, the grass is always greener on the other side.



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