What Am I waiting for?

A man who wears his heart on his sleeve because that’s exactly where mine is. Someone who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable…to be REAL.
Too often we find ourselves caught up in situationships that abound in mixed signals, blurred lines and unclear intentions that you never really know “what’s good”.

Finding love ain’t easy. And once you’ve been hurt before you build barriers to protect yourself that you end up letting no one in. I have had my heart ripped to shreds…I never thought I would recover and I did eventually. But I would risk my heart all over again if it meant a chance at finding love. As much as love is about love…its about taking risks. Risks that may or may not pay off…but are absolutely necessary. How else will you know if its real if you don’t put yourself out there? Like REALLY put yourself out there.

Now I’m not saying lay it all out there for every Tom Dick or Harriss. But when you meet someone who ignites your soul…don’t let that slip through your fingers because you were afraid.

Originally written November 2017.


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