Happy ever always 

Happy endings? Those don’t exist in real life. Somehow we tend to believe  when we reach a certain point in our lives we will finally be happy and all will be prefect. Just like in the fairy tales when the princess defeats the evil queen against all odds and lives “happily ever after” with her prince – we think we’ll only be happy when we’ve achieved/overcome certain things. I’ll be happy when I pass grad school, I’ll be happy when I get my dream job, I’ll be happy when I  make enough money, I’ll be happy once I get married, I’ll be happy once I have kids, I’ll be happy when I do this and that and the list goes on forever.

Happiness is not a destination…it’s in the journey. The saying should be “happy ever always”. You won’t be happy “after” whatever it is you think you need to do…because the goal post always moves. Once you’ve achieved one thing you’ll move to the next – are you gonna be unhappy in between these destinations? Don’t fall into that trap. The joy is in the journey…The destinations only add to the joy that already exists! Seek out the joy in every moment…it’s always there.

Here’s to happy ever always!


Never leave your first love

Now before you get it twisted…it’s not what you think it is. In this case “first love” is not referring to a significant other, but to something that you love to do, that one thing that completes you. Whatever it is…music, dance, the arts, photography; never leave it!

I have realized that as we strive to survive and succeed in this money driven world we sometimes forsake the things that we love for those things that will bring us money. And at times we don’t really have a choice because what we love won’t make ends meet and we are forced to find the next best thing. But sometimes our parents force us to let it go because they think it’s silly and frivolous and we won’t amount to anything. And other times we just choose to conform because the rest of society frowns upon “such professions” and we let it go. But as hard as it may be there is no reason for us to curb our passions and lock them away in this deep dark secret place never to be opened again.

My first love is dance. I’ve never been able to get professional training but I’ve learnt some tricks watching other dancers (YouTube is my best friend 😀 lol). I cannot even begin to explain what happens in my heart when I watch people express themselves through movement, it’s just amazing! I’ve watched a few shows and involved myself in little performances whenever I’ve had the opportunity but that’s never been much. Dance has always taken a back seat to everything else even though I love it so much.

We get so caught up in our “hussle” that we become zombies oblivious to anything else but work. You wake up, work, sleep and repeat for the rest of your life. There is so much more to life than this. Never ever let go of the things that make you happy. And I’m not saying give up your job or quit school…I’m saying find a way to weave it back into your life. Find that special place and special time for you to reconnect with your first love! I know I will ❤

P.S. Here’s a video by one of my favourite YouTube Dancers “Brian Puspos”: