You need to learn to swim

What started off as a varsity related research interview turned into a really amazing mentoring session with the owner of the famous Vovo Telo at 44 Stanley! She is one of the sweetest women I have ever met and she gave me great advice. “You need to learn to swim”, she said. It doesn’t matter how deep or how rough the waters of life are before you, if you can swim, you can make it through, and you will survive. Now how do you make sure your strength doesn’t run out and you don’t drown?

  1. You need a support system

You need people you can rely on, people who have your back and will support you. This could be your family, a friend(s), boyfriend or whoever you know you can trust. When you feel like your strength is faltering, you need these guys rooting for you and spurring you on. Having someone in your corner makes all the difference even in the smallest ways.

  1. Let go of all fear

Yes, this is easier said than done. It’s only natural for us to fear and become negative when we are faced with unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes we fear the things that could make us great, we fear to take that first step because we’re afraid of failure. See it’s okay to be scared at first, but the trick is not to dwell on that fear.

  1. Remember the world is your oyster

You can do anything you want to and be anything you want to be; you define and design your life. Do the things that you’re passionate about, and grab opportunities with arms wide open. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still find a way to make it happen.

Our journey through life is never easy…sometimes the waves are so strong they push you back, and with your head under water there seems to be no way. But as long as you can keep paddling and get your head above water, you will make your way to shore, you will reach your goals.

Wise words from Timothy Maurice Webster

So my last post was all about figuring out what your next milestone is and figuring out the formula for you to get there. Well, I had a chat with Timothy Maurice Webster, a thought leader in Brand Leadership, Design and Innovation but honestly just a really awesome person, and he shared with me his formula which I’m going to share with you 🙂 !!


Once university life is just about over, what’s next? What’s the next step? Timothy advises that from here you need to think of your post-graduate life as a theme or campaign. And in order to create that theme you need a formula:

My career & my skills + A void in society = A number of things that you’re going to do.

His campaign theme is “to inspire a revolution in thinking around behaviour, consumer behaviour and strategy towards your own life etc.” To get to this theme he used the formula: His skills as a writer and a thinker + A void in society = A certain level of discipline towards writing. Your own theme should be well defined and be able to create a very specific focus on what you want to do. Your theme needs to become a part of who you are, it needs to drive your interests and your goals.

The greatest mistake that we can make is to think of our careers in the short-term. We can get so caught up in surviving and making ends meet that we miss out on the universe. As Timothy explains, you need to extend your formula beyond your current day, beyond the current year and beyond the current space. You need to broaden the width of your universe! If you’re staring up at the sky and you can only focus on a couple of stars, you miss out on the vastness of the universe.

This is only but a fraction of the inspiring words that Timothy had to share, but I hope that this that I have shared with you is enough for to give you perspective in your own life, to help set you off in the right direction.

What’s your next milestone?

Navigating the course of my life for the past couple of years has been pretty easy. All my goals have been school related you know? It’s all been about getting good grades, qualifying for the next grade, passing matric, getting to university and qualifying for Honours. I mean even with sports and other extra mural activities school has been my platform. But now with three months left at university I’m faced with a whole new world of possibilities and decisions and it’s rather overwhelming. The journey doesn’t end when you graduate, it’s only the beginning!

Now that I’m passed navigating my education, I need to set out the course of my career; and this is a whole new ball game. I need to figure out where I want to work, who I want to work for, do I want to start my own business, how long do I want to stay in the marketing field and do I want to study further at some point? While considering work I need to start thinking about whether or not I want to get married and have kids (which I do), and what that means for my career. I’m still far away from getting married but I need to start thinking about that now. Every little decision I make today affects my tomorrow.

The formula for succeeding in school is pretty straightforward: Work hard and put in the hours, attend your classes, do your assignments and all that fuss and you will be A-okay. But the formula for succeeding after varsity isn’t so clear cut anymore, there are so many factors to consider and so many other people influencing the process. But after meeting some pretty inspiring people this year I know that one thing remains the same…you have to work for it! You can’t just sit around reacting to whatever life throws at you…then you’re just a drifter with no real purpose or direction. You have to know what YOU want so when life throws you a curveball you still get to your destination. Whether that destination is greatness, success, failure or mediocrity it’s all up to you.

So think about it long and hard, what’s your next milestone?