I don’t do Lemons

When life gives you lemons…say “no thank you”, and give them back!



At what point in life are you supposed to have it all figured out? Know exactly what you want to do with your life – with who, when, where and how? Does that point ever even come? Or is life really just a work in progress…where we figure things out in bits and pieces as we go? 

For some reason there seems to be so much pressure to know it all – have it all NOW. Or am I the one putting the pressure on myself? Sometimes it’s really hard to tell. I guess it’s just one of those things I need to learn. Every person’s journey is different…we reach different milestones at different stages. And above all else…I can’t let anyone else dictate where in my life I should or should not be. It’s me vs me in this life. And that’s all I need to worry about. 

Self worth

What does it mean to know your self worth?Is it merely about self-esteem and self respect? No…it’s waaaaay more!

Knowing your self worth is about self love. It’s knowing exactly who you are, and loving that person flaws and all. Its about acknowledgeding your weaknesses and not allowing them to make you any less than who you should be. Its about knowing your strengths and using them to build yourself. It’s about knowing what you deserve and putting it out into the universe by how you carry yourself. When you know who you are and love that person…there is nothing anyone can do or say to shake you down. Neither praise, nor discouragement…because you KNOW your worth.

This has been my favourite life lesson. Getting to know myself took 25years lol…amd I’m still learning. Its been a long journey. The hardest has been getting to know those parts of myself I would rather keep hidden. Little did I know that I was empowering them by not facing them. And now that I have…I have never loved myself more. I love the person I am. My vulnerabilities make me who I am…they don’t make me any less…

I know who I am, I know what I am worth…and its my responsibility to make sure the universe doesn’t get it twisted.

Dust yourself off!!

The hardest part about falling as you journey through life is not necessarily the standing back up, but rather dusting yourself off. When we fail and make mistakes it’s sometimes so hard to let go of those feelings of defeat or to simply forgive ourselves when we need to.

Mistakes and failures are supposed to be our stepping stones to something greater, but that won’t happen if we’re carrying that baggage on our backs. If every time we fall we don’t dust ourselves off the dirt accumulates and it becomes tremendously difficult to move on. This is something I’ve come to learn this year as I prepare to enter the world of work and build my career. Everything won’t always be perfect, I won’t always get things right the first time, and I won’t always be the best at everything, and you know what? That’s OKAY.  As long as I can get back up and dust myself off, things will get better with the next try and one after that and the one that.

Life is too precious to dwell on the mistakes and failures of the past, the grass is always greener on the other side.


What’s your next milestone?

Navigating the course of my life for the past couple of years has been pretty easy. All my goals have been school related you know? It’s all been about getting good grades, qualifying for the next grade, passing matric, getting to university and qualifying for Honours. I mean even with sports and other extra mural activities school has been my platform. But now with three months left at university I’m faced with a whole new world of possibilities and decisions and it’s rather overwhelming. The journey doesn’t end when you graduate, it’s only the beginning!

Now that I’m passed navigating my education, I need to set out the course of my career; and this is a whole new ball game. I need to figure out where I want to work, who I want to work for, do I want to start my own business, how long do I want to stay in the marketing field and do I want to study further at some point? While considering work I need to start thinking about whether or not I want to get married and have kids (which I do), and what that means for my career. I’m still far away from getting married but I need to start thinking about that now. Every little decision I make today affects my tomorrow.

The formula for succeeding in school is pretty straightforward: Work hard and put in the hours, attend your classes, do your assignments and all that fuss and you will be A-okay. But the formula for succeeding after varsity isn’t so clear cut anymore, there are so many factors to consider and so many other people influencing the process. But after meeting some pretty inspiring people this year I know that one thing remains the same…you have to work for it! You can’t just sit around reacting to whatever life throws at you…then you’re just a drifter with no real purpose or direction. You have to know what YOU want so when life throws you a curveball you still get to your destination. Whether that destination is greatness, success, failure or mediocrity it’s all up to you.

So think about it long and hard, what’s your next milestone?

About Love: Moving on…

Whether you’re 16, 21, 40 or 70, matters of the heart remain the same. They excite us they same, they give us butterflies the same and they certainly hurt the same. Getting over someone who meant the world to you can be torturous. This is a little something I wrote about it…

Stuck in love

I’m still standing here with my arms outstretched and my heart on my sleeve as I scream your name.
Lord knows I shouldn’t be here but my heart refuses to turn its back on the feeling of what’s left of you on these fingertips.
I have tried so many times to walk away but my feet are anchored in the dust of what used to be.
My knees fall weak at the thought of your touch and I am STUCK!
I am stuck here with nothing – nothing but the echoes of my love for you.
Around me all I see are the remnants of memories scattered like paper in the wind…and I am alone!
There is nothing here…but I cannot move!!
My heart can’t seem to fathom the message from my brain to let go move on and be free.
I am a prisoner to my own emotions: chained to a past I cannot forget, captivated by a present I cannot live and victim to a future I cannot accept.
Proverbs 4:23 says: above all else guard the affections of your heart because the emotional attachments you make determine the course of your life.
Well, I guess then that it’s too late for me because my being is tangled up in your existence.
I am stuck in this timeless state all because you’re not here…desolate dreams of what was, is all there is.
As time ticks on and I wither away…still my heart pumps crimson love letters through my veins; and I breathe you…
“I breathe you into my soul and pray for the strength to stand today”.
I pray for the strength let go of that part of me that’s stuck in love with you.

– Mamello Maitse 

Survival 101: Know how much you spend

There’s just something about that sms that says “you’ve got money in the bank” that makes me want to eat out, buy that dress I’ve been coveting or simply just splurge because I can. This hasn’t always worked out so well towards the end of the month, but I’ve always called home spinning a story for mom to hook me up. But once you start earning some of your own that story doesn’t fly anymore.

Being disciplined with money is hard, but it just needs practice. The best advice I received a few weeks ago at a workshop is to know how much you spend. I mean, I’ve always had an idea of more or less how much I spend on different things, but I’ve never actually calculated exactly how much I spend every month on groceries, airtime, eating out, shopping, transport and so on. I consider myself to be a thrifty spender but once I got down to the nitty gritty I realized that I spend on things I don’t need sometimes, and on those occasions that money could have gone towards wiser purchases.

Budgeting, something I’ve totally taken for granted makes a huge difference. Laying out your expenditure to the tee, including how much you’ll spend going out with friends, eating out, buying clothes, being spontaneous, etc are some of the things that will help you become disciplined. Practice staying within the boundaries you’ve set for yourself and once the big money starts rolling in, you won’t make the same unnecessary purchases and you can easily plan out building your empire.

On the lighter side, don’t ever go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, you’ll end up buying half the grocery store and filling the trolley with things you’ll regret, lol. Trust me…I know!