Pour into me

Pour yourself into me and I will not let a drop of you hit the ground 

– Rudy Francisco 


How do I walk away

How do I walk away
How do I leave you behind
I dont know how to pretend
Pretend you don’t exist
Pretend I don’t love you…
Holding on to you seems foolish
But letting go feels illogical
How do I let you go when every fibre in my being tells me you are mine
Mine to me
How do I abandon these memories when thoughts of you so easily invade my mind
How do I love another when my heart is filled with your essence
Tell me
How do I walk away
How do I leave you behind

– Mamello Maitse

Blessed a million times over

I have been blessed…
Blessed a million times over
With unconditional love
Unfailing love
Perfect love…
Love that transcends life itself
Love provided by a Father who so loved the world He gave His only begotten son.
Oh what joy fills my heart…that even in the midst of a fallen world I still find peace love and happiness.
I have been blessed with a gift no one can ever take away…
Jesus Christ my Saviour

See inside my soul

Look into my eyes
See inside my soul
Tell me…
Do you see what I see?
I am bare before you…
Lose yourself inside me
Don’t fight these raging waves that pull you in
You’re safe in my storm
Drown in this sea of intensity
Drink my love
Breathe my passion…
See inside my soul
Clothe this naked heart.

– Mamello Maitse 

I am His daughter

Who am I that His grace is sufficient for me?
That he grants me daily breath and carries me from day to day without harm.
Who am I that he should know my name and grant me my heart’s desires?
Why is it that he cares so much for me?
That even when I fall and disappoint Him, He still stands with outstretched arms to welcome me home.
How it that His Son would die for me?
To lay down His life to take away my sin and bring me salvation.
Such love I cannot fathom…for I marvel at His everlasting mercy.
Who am I that His grace is sufficient for me I ask?
I am His daughter.

– Mamello Maitse