O Heart

O heart, why do you betray me so?
Had we not agreed never to go down this path again?
How is it that I find myself here once more?

– Mamello Maitse



I’m unravelling, scarcely able to stop myself from coming apart.
A whirlwind of emotions, spinning as my resolve unwinds.
What am I to do when the things once woven into my mind come undone?
I’m disentangled from myself…


– Mamello Maitse

Broken hearts…

I think I’ve acquired a taste for broken hearts…
The chest pain that makes it hard to breath because you literally feel your heart breaking while its whole.
The trembling hands that wipe away sorrowful tears that blind the soul with aching.
The dazed stares that draw you into memories of all you’ve lost.
The immense sadness that brings the meaning of life – of love into question.

It’s all too familiar now…

– Mamello Maitse


I think I’m lost…
Lost in a place that feels like home, but really isn’t. A place full of warmth, laughter and moments of happiness. A place where my heart remembered how to breathe.
But this same place holds memories of a time when I was different, younger, broken. A time when I fought to wake up and find myself.

I’m not that person anymore; but why am I still here? I walked into this place with eyes wide open and now I don’t know if I have the courage to leave. Not because I’m losing myself again, but because my heart breathes here.

– Mamello Maitse

Déjà vu

I thought that I had forgotten you…
left you in the past where you belong.
But being here, in this place where you grew up, I don’t know why I can’t help but think of you.
This place, so unknown to me, wreaks of your essence and I hate it.
Why are you on my mind when I’ve never been here with you?
Why is your name on my tongue when I don’t even miss you!

-Mamello Maitse